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Blackpool Attractions

What to do, where to go and what to see in Blackpool

Attractions Blackpool hopes to give you more information to help you decide on what Blackpool attractions to visit in and around Blackpool. The attractions in Blackpool have something for everyone from the Pleasure Beach, Grundy Art Gallery to the Adrenaline Zone and the Opera House..

Whether you come to Blackpool for the day, weekend or a week there is so much to do and so many attractions you will have a hard time deciding what to do and what to visit.

The Blackpool Tower is 518ft tall and was built in 1894, it has a number of attractions inside, from the tower top views, the Tower Circus, to the magnificent Tower Ballroom

Pleasure Beach Blackpool is a wonderful theme park with a huge amount of rides and attractions, the classic roller coasters intertwined with the modern metal monster coasters, from the Pepsi Max Big One, Infusion, Valhalla, the Grand National, to the Big Dipper. Blackpool Pleasure Beach is not only the most visited of Blackpool Attractions but it is the most visited attraction in the United Kingdom.

Blackpool Veterans Week in a celebration of the United Kingdoms Veterans. Blackpool will host a week of entertainment from Air races, Brass Bands marching, Military Displays, Gala Dinners and Skills Displays.

The Sea Life centre is a great place to enjoy the variety of sea life or learn lots of interesting facts. This Blackpool attraction has lots for all the family to see and do.

Blackpool Illuminations are a yearly event held in late August till early November where 10km of promenade from Squires gate in the south to Bispham in the north are lit with beautiful colored lights. This attracts tourists in their thousands to not only the Illuminations but also to other Blackpool attractions.

The international firework competition is held each year in September, this years competitors are Portugal, Canada, United Kingdom and Austria. This attracts huge crowds so get a good vantage point early to avoid disappointment.

The Sandcastle Water Park is a great Blackpool attraction for both children and adults alike. It has water slides that defy gravity and propel you uphill!!!!

The Wax Works are one of Blackpool's oldest attractions, you can brush shoulders with the stars of stage, screen and sporting heroes.

Blackpool Zoo is a brilliant attraction to visit for a day, see the monkeys, the sea lions, and the new pride of 3 new lionesses that have joined the king of the jungle.

Blackpool is fairly unique in still having 3 piers, each of the Blackpool piers has its own character to attract visitors. The North Pier still has a wonderful Victorian character, with its large deck, its traditional end of pier theatre, a beautiful two storey carousel, and the sun pavilion. The Central Pier with its Big wheel giving great views of the promenade and the beach, and a huge family entertainment center. The South Pier has a great range of traditional and adrenalin inducing rides. From the reverse bungee, the dodgems, to the waltzes and a mirium of side stalls, and traditional stalls selling sweets and snacks it has it all. There is also a great Family bar called the Laughing Donkey which has fun entertainment during the season for the children and adults alike.

Blackpool has three Mini Golf Courses, two of which are outdoor and the newest is an indoor Pirate themed indoor mini golf course called Golden Isle Adventure Golf. Blackpool Mini Golf

Blackpool trams both attract the tourists and serve local residents. The trams run from Starr Gate in the south to Fleetwood some 12 miles away in the north. The Blackpool trams started in September 1885, this was the first electric trams in Britain. Blackpool is the only British Town to maintain its tramways from the first opening in 1885 to the present day. The trams started out as a functional transport system but has now grown to become one of Blackpool attractions in its own right. The trams are an iconic feature of Blackpool, they have appeared on TV quite a few times from the recent rebuild of a historic tram for Channel4's program Salvage Squad to one of the trams being responsible for the death of Coronation Street's nasty Alan Bradley. During the Blackpool Illuminations a number of trams are specially lit up. One tram is in the share of a Trawler and another in the shape of a traditional American Train. The American train is currently undergoing restoration and is hoped to be back in service in 2008.

Stanley Park was opened in October 1926, the park being 274 acres of golf course, lake and ornamental gardens. During its life it has evolved to include a model village and some great areas for children to play in, including skate/bmx park, tennis courts. During 1984 Stanley Park was designated a conservation area and in 1995 it was given Grade II listing. In 2003 Heritage Lottery Fund awarded Stanley Park funding to restore the park to its former glory.

The Model Village is at the edge of Stanley Park and makes for a fascinatingly different view on a miniature world. The model village was constructed approximately 40 years ago and covers in excess of 2 acres of beautiful landscaped gardens.

The present Blackpool Opera House is actually the third on the site. The original was built in 1889 and was designed by the famous theatre architect Frank Matcham. The original theatre seated 2500 people and cost 9098 to build. In 1911 it was rebuilt by a larger building. This second theatre only lasted 27 years before an even larger theatre was built. The present Opera House opened in 1939 and can accommodate 3000 people. It has the biggest stage in the country and it was designed in a modernist style with sweeping curved proscenium. It forms part of the Winter Gardens complex.

Blackpool Grand Theatre was designed by Frank Matcham in 1895 and has an 1100 seat capacity. The theatre has three levels and creates an imposing venue. It is a really beautiful place to watch Shows in Blackpool.

Shopping in Blackpool the new extended Hounds Hill shopping center is now open. Blackpool's shopping encompasses market stalls, high street names, to the new Debenhams in the recently extended Houndshill Shopping Centre. In South Shore the Waterloo Road shopping area is undergoing a makeover and is due for completion for the summer. A little further a field you could visit Fleetwood maybe via a tram. There you will find a huge indoor market and a designer outlet village.

Go-Karting in Blackpool is served by 3 tracks. An large outdoor track at Starr Gate called Karting 2000. The second track is on the Promenade at North Shore. The smallest can be found at the Pleasure Beach.

Ripleys Believe It Or Not is a exhibition of the odd and unusual. This is located on the promenade at the front of the Pleasure Beach. It has two floors and 8 gallery's to amaze and mystify you.

Blackpool Climbing Towers are two 20 meter international climbing towers. Whether you are a complete novice or an experienced rock god, you can participate in courses that should enable you to learn to climb.

Blackpool Promenade runs from Starr Gate in the South all the way to Bispham in the North. You can have a relaxing stroll on the South Promenade and enjoy the art works including the Worlds Largest Mirror Ball, or a more lively stroll along and enjoy the fun of the three piers. The promenade is currently undergoing an 80 Million makeover to transform the sea front from South Pier to North Pier including 6 new headlands.

Blackpool's Beach is a wonderful fun attraction for people of all ages. From building sand castles, paddling to playing games.

Fleetwood is at the northern end of the Trams route, it has masses of shopping opportunities from the indoor market to the designer outlet village.

Penny Farm is a horse lovers paradise. It is a rescue center for approximately 55 horses and ponies and has just been awarded small attraction of the years 2007/08 by Blackpool Council.

Farmer Parr Animals is a wonderful place to see more than 50 species of animals housed in 30,00 square feet of undercover attractions.

Solaris Center is an free environmental awareness attraction, to tell you about recycling, wind turbines, solar power and sustainable power solutions.

Grundy Art Gallery is a great art venue in the heart of Blackpool, hosting exhibition from modern to contemporary works.

City Sightseeing is an open top bus that takes you past the major attractions in Blackpool

Blackpool currently has three Casinos. Stanley casino in the North and the Paris casino and the newly refurbished G casino next to the Sandcastle Water Park.

The Odeon Cinema in Blackpool is a little hidden but can be found in Rigby road just off the Promenade.

Bingo is such a seaside tradition, you cant really go home without at least one game, from the fun games on the prom to the big money at Mecca and Apollo Bingo.

Blackpool is now hosting annual Veteran Week celebration's of the United Kingdoms Veterans. Blackpool will host a week of entertainment from Air races, Brass Bands marching, Military Displays, Gala Dinners and Skills Displays.

Blackpool Attractions have something for everyone,. from the free attractions of Stanley Park, Grundy Art Gallery, Solaris Centre and the Beach to the fun Blackpol Attractions of the Pleasure Beach, the 3 piers, the Blackpool shows and much much more!